Wednesday, September 2, 2009

hot and fresh

willa in the warsaw terminal


hotel room

hall of the vatican museum

on the steps of a church

setting intention

st. peter's basilica

a view from the spanish steps

our tour guide likes to dress in one color so we don't lose her. she even coordinated her loofa and mascara.

giddy in some roman ruins


had to

museo dell’ ara pacis

an obliging street painter

Much to its dismay, the grave, meat-and-potatoes crew of Lot Polish Airlines carted Willa and me relatively safely into the arms of Rome after our four hour layover in a cold and desolate Warsaw terminal. After long bouts of orienting, touring, and overloading the senses with breathtaking works I have yet to fully process, our charming room at the Hotel Tiziano has served as a little haven amidst the constant ebb and flow of city sights and sounds down below. The hours have slowly melted into days, and my first week away from home has been an eyeful. We leave Rome tomorrow morning, and by the afternoon hours, I will have finally unpacked my life into Florence.

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  1. Sogoal your pictures are amazing. Can't wait to keep checking back. The SEC is going to live vicariously through you for these next four months. We miss you already! :)