Tuesday, September 22, 2009


our first few minutes on the train to vienna. the eleven hour train to vienna.

st. peter's church

peed my pants at the most outstanding natural history museum ever

the museum housed every species imaginable

one of the better ideas we've had

saw an actual gustav klimt, Death and Life

went to an empty theme park. it was creepy.

butterfly house, very concerned about the butterflies' withering condition

brilliant egyptian room at some unpronounceable museum

very excited in vienna

on a romantic dining car date en route to prague. mood lighting included.


they're everywhere, like asian tourists

at the top of a very tall tower

prague castle cathedral

unfathomable stained glass

sneak a peak

original alfons mucha. i could technically touch it.

willa captured a little bit of nighttime prague bustle

in said bustle

My head is still configuring—and reconfiguring—just what happened this past weekend. We actually did it: we managed to pack life up in a backpack and Eurail ourselves into Vienna, Austria and Prague, Czech Republic, a few days as nomads…of the sun dress and hostel reservation breed. We filled our days with seeing things that should be seen and taking pictures where they should be taken (which is nearly everything and everywhere: it was a constant feast for the eyes). More interestingly so, I feared for my own sanity in a treacherous overnight train ride, had a tremendous Middle Eastern dinner and perfect beast of an ice cream dessert in Vienna, saw every animal known to man, in taxidermy form, jumped into toddler-sized carnival rides at a closed amusement park, was floored to find myself in the presence of works by the brilliant Klimt and Mucha, and rambled on about the intricacies of love and time and questioned the more shallow levels of existence via the Would You Rather game. Needless to say, some of the most striking things about our little adventure were things technically unrelated to the grandeur of both cities; they were little things that I will most likely never forget, and things that I will always find terribly amusing, and yet, they were things that magnified the greatness of travel and the stage it sets for much, much more.


  1. That video made my day/night.
    Looks like you are jet-setting (or train-setting?) all over the place. I have begun to pilfer your photos for my own personal use so that I may daydream that I am somewhere fabulous, so close to all the history and center of art rather than just reading hundreds of pages far from thier creation. You're photos are stunning. As are you girls.

    Much love. You're old.

  2. sogoal!
    happy 20th birthday. i didnt forget but i just didnt comment you on facebook because i couldnt think of anything to say at the time. but now it looks like your having a great time in florence. when i turned 20 i was so confused as to the person who i was, and i see you as such a beautiful and confident person. I am so happy for you that you are traveling and getting to dive into the waters.
    i know your having as much fun as your pictures. i especially like the one of you in the water & the one of willa jumping they turned out reallllly cool!
    talk to you soon,
    love you

    ps i cant believe all of the awesome art you are seeing! luckylucky