Friday, August 28, 2009


central park

michael, pedicab driver and historian

samantha at the metropolitan

west village

butt of a pistol at the metropolitan

metropolitan museum of art

joe the west village artist

Samantha and I have traversed all over the city of New York, a midway point to our final destinations in Europe, visiting famous places and not so famous places, meeting knowledgeable characters, and at times, sensing the great differences of this opposite coast. Kind family friends of the Rams have taken us in, offering some familiar suburban comfort after long days in the heat of a pulsing metropolis. Needless to say, the rain today is more than welcome and has painted a different version of the city that I was fortunate enough to see.

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  1. You were in NY?! I was there at the same time! I wish I had known you were coming I woulda come into tha citay and shown you some cool shit. Also you are deeply missed and I think you should know that del rio lives directly below me. Jealous? Lol