Monday, September 7, 2009

toes in the water

my kind of tag

gypsies at ponte vecchio

classroom at school

school also has nice stairwells

santa croce: we live just to the left of it

on the third floor

from my bed

a little bit of home

hi mama and daddy, kimee and sierra and phoenix. i miss and love you all very much.

Well, we met her. She has a deeper, but gentle voice, laced with traces of her British English education, hair always pulled back and smoothed, red reading glasses set near the tip of her nose. Although we’ve held friendly conversation concerning things such as our upcoming travel plans, the meanings of our names (she has yet to remember mine and likes to call me Flower) and our classes (which started today), many of our encounters with her have resulted in a fair amount of awkward tension that leave Willa and I to shoot each other bewildered looks (and muffled laughs once we enter the safety of our bedroom). How grateful I am to have her company as we orient ourselves with our host, otherwise I’d probably be much more distraught. We are still learning the do’s and don’ts of living with Annalisa—mostly the don’ts as of late. Possibly, all we need is some more of this getting-to-know-you time, however my daydream of the three of us as a frolicking sisterhood in a Tuscan sunflower field has now become a fleeting thought slipping back into the ether of time. Must channel positive energy. For now, Willa and I will be whispering in our bedroom as we steal wireless internet from the neighbors.

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