Monday, November 9, 2009

wanton wishes

fall holiday, stop no. 4: amsterdam, netherlands

deceivingly charming

the flying pig hostel

calm before the storm

planetarium dome theatre, one of the best ideas

ma, da, and tyrannosaurus rex

our hostel's grandma's room

halloween evening with laura and ashley

sally the great

presenting homemade winners, sally and jack skellington

My travel experiences may have just blossomed, but I have a feeling that there are not many places quite like Amsterdam. In its touristic hub, streets were littered with stores beckoning at the wide-eyed stream of youths looking to get their predictable indulgent needs satiated--and I mean all needs. The constant hum of debauchery carried on through our fall holiday's remaining hours as we basked in slow strolls through the planetarium, zoo, and aquarium, delighted in the array of international dining options and sweets to follow, encountered the unreal Red Light district and its unique window displays, and bobbed and weaved to the roar of techno music on All Hallows Eve as the resurrected couple from Disney's classic Nightmare Before Christmas. I'd say it was a successful ten days.

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