Sunday, November 8, 2009

expect nothing. live frugally on surprise.

fall holiday, stop no. 3: brussels, belgium

grand place grand'place

crowning jewels

something old, somewhere new

mannikin pis, a little boy taking a pee to us, a national hero to them

a very big deal

celebrating china

church in the night


alleys of restaurants

caught at twilight

all aglow

Ignorance may very well indeed be bliss. And ignorant old me knew nothing of Brussels, the apparent capital of the European Union as our hostel receptionist would later explain, a pretty weighty role for a city to play. Yet,fittingly so, bliss was just a block or two away. We took in the big city in a varied sampling as we wound through historical squares and modern streets, waffles in hand, finding small and tremendously stocked vintage shops, old book sellers, eyeing wonderfully intimidating stretches of lit building faces, basking in the greatness of whimsical children's stores, and even paying the huge cineplex a visit to watch a terrible Bruce Willis film (Willa would beg to differ). Nothing like surprise.

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