Tuesday, November 3, 2009

rêves d'enfants

fall holiday, stop no. 2: paris, france

view from the louvre


crepes with the creep who made them

lovebirds i'm assuming

made it

the city, from its tower

let it shine

with one of our lovely hostesses, michelle


disneyland paris: a delicious taste of american fantasy

truthfully, more scared during the tower of terror than the interlaken canyon jump

halloween and disneyland warm the heart like you wouldn't believe

i like this more than most people my age should


père lachaise cemetery at the perfect time of year


having a ball in a sea of the deceased

stunning sainte chapelle

and her walls of stained glass

the kids working on some homecooking

you're not allowed near the arc de triomphe at night, if you're curious. we tried.

from the sacré-coeur basilica

out for kelsie's birthday

Since I was little, I've had this consistent longing to visit Paris. It really had no basis whatsoever, but I managed to assemble my own collection of Eiffel Tower memorabilia: figurines, small dishes, pajama sets- the basics. And then it happened. With the warm welcome of our San Diego friends studying there, the girls and Willa accompanied me as I took in the city for the first time. I couldn't ask for sweeter patisseries, a more captivating cemetery, or a better Disney adventure if I tried. Meandering aimlessly through my childhood dream exceeded one of my heart's dearest desires.

1 comment:

  1. Amazing. You finally made it there.

    I am ashamed that while you got to enjoy the loveley commerical spirit and fantasical wonders of Disney Paris at Halloween, and I did not even go the regular ol' Dland (and I'm so close). Im sad I missed the season.

    Love it all. Love the lovebirds. Love the leaf. Love that you were finally united with the city that has lived in your heart for all of these years. I hope it is as amazing as in your heartsong.