Monday, October 5, 2009

city mouse country mouse

first impressions

overwhelming alley

willa sampling some gnarly limoncello

bakery case

produce from an obscure alleyway

naples is known for its nativity scenes: miniatures for days

first look at positano

i like it when vines do this

heavenly colored water

souvenirs for my friends...the men, not the shirts

Mama, i thought you would have liked this church

thee coast


truth serum


font of great discussion


on our way back from dinner

positano in the morning

A little inner-country travel: this past Thursday, Willa and I started off the weekend visiting Naples, served to us with a healthy dose of gloomy weather, city smog, and Neapolitan locals. In short, the city was a bit too city for my suburban tendencies, so our next day's trip to Positano, a small and steep beach town south of Naples, was much welcomed. Our hostel sat atop almost tropical-looking and overgrown greenery and overlooked deep turquoise waters, and when combined with the misty rain, made for an alternative yet picturesque postcard. And being as quaint and charming as it is, the teeny town couldn't fulfill our sunkissed-deficiency, and we headed back to Florence in the morning. Another highlight of the past week was that I was able to see my beautiful Mama and Kimee for the first time in over a month via the magic of Skype! I loved it and hope to see Baba and Sierra very soon. After actual schoolwork this week, I'll be in Madrid, Spain to see some of my favorite rascals.

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