Saturday, October 17, 2009


our tour guide at bologna university in a room where they studied corpses

eataly, seller of fine books and food. beautiful, really.

for Mama


eurochocolate festival: first stop, sachertorte

i tried roasted chestnuts for the first time. and i love them.

nut roasters

willa's hunk

nutella-filled-crepe artiste

cioccolata calda: italian hot chocolate, not something for the weak

chocolate kebab. duh.

tip of a monstrous iceberg


marzipan with dark chocolate and a walnut, thoroughly enjoyed

peruvian goods

chocolate puppy

we belong here.

In a whole-hearted attempt to overlook upcoming midterms, we embraced local adventures this weekend, only a mere bus or train ride away. With our program, we visited the small, yet well-paved city of Bologna, an hour outside of Florence. And after our roundabout tour wherein I forgot all mention of historical relevance, Willa and I enjoyed the simple sweetness of window displays and autumn sun. However, and I say this quite fervently, one of the shining moments of my time abroad (and potentially my time on Earth) was our blessed trip to Perugia, Umbria: host city of the infamous Eurochocolate Festival. It was like walking into a personal childhood dream, stumbling into countless quantities of beautiful sugary edibles, and falling effortlessly into a delectable delirium. With what seems to be winter’s early arrival here in Italy, we were all wrapped up and pink-nosed, making our taste-testings all the more enjoyable and holiday-spirited. Be it endorphins or sugar-high, it was pure happiness.

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