Tuesday, October 13, 2009



maxwell took me on a rowboat ride in wonderful retiro park

palacio de cristal: i'll live here one day

rattail in my future frontyard

mission accomplished

Daddy, look- madrid likes middle-eastern style


at the real madrid/utah jazz game. they're from utah, america.

scary pooh


white gurl in her room

they are very good to me

Samanther, Jennica, and Ellie’s Señora opened up the doors of her beautiful home to me this past weekend: meals and snuggling time included. The girls and Maxwell were outstanding tour guides as they pulled me in and around metro stops, museums, shops, and squares. And even though I was challenged (to put it simply) by the Spanish lifestyle, I subtly settled into a surprising sense of home. I find it difficult to describe, but my time there seemed to have nurtured a subdued hunger. It gave me open sidewalks, tall trees of the prettiest green, sweet silence, and the warmth of those kind souls I have been missing. I love Madrid.

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